Based on a deep customer understanding our software architects and developers create amazing digital experiences and highly scalable applications. delivers tailor made business solutions, cloud native apps, IoT platforms or data-driven applications for customers from a wide range of industries. Our way of work is lean, collaborative and test-driven. We help to build “business as code”.

Cloud Native Applications

Microservices-based applications and cloud native technologies are the new normal when it comes to build and scale digital applications and products. provides the necessary expertise and developer skills to define cutting-edge cloud native technology stacks and build containerized applications. Our developers and architects are experts when its comes to code and deploy automatically with Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform or Gitops.

IoT & Digital Platforms

Our developers and architects have a strong track record in designing and building scalable IoT and digital platforms. Managing devices, gateways and sensor data requires various skills ranging from hardware programming, cloud-based analytics to edge security. offers full-stack development and integration services for market-ready end-to-end IoT- and digital solutions.

Data-driven Applications & Machine Learning

Our data scientists and machine learning experts help customers to become a true data-driven company. builds custom data-driven applications and machine learning algorithms that significantly improve business process outcome and digital customer experience.

Application Modernization

‘New’ doesn’t always equal ‘better’. Traditional applications which exist and grew for a long period of time are still able to provide a high business value. helps its customers to modernize and refactor existing software assets and make them ready for the next generation of IT operations and the digital age. Starting with an approved modernization plan, our software architects and developers transform end of lifecycle applications into enduring values for their companies.