DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering

With our “DevOps-as-a-Service” offering enables customers to release faster and reduce time to market for innovations and new features. Our devops and site reliability engineers (SREs) will help to provide fully automated and secure build pipelines and deployment workflows. In addition to core operations and support our teams take care of monitoring, testing, chaos and security engineering and strategic advisory based on post-mortem analysis and code reviews.

Multi Cloud Operations works together with the most cloud platform providers to deliver a wide range of choice for our customers. With our expertise in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, we can combine services and meet your needs of flexibility, performance and agility. Based on our ongoing research and strong collaboration with the cloud companies, we can help our customers to improve existing infrastructures based on the most recent updates and releases.

24/7 Managed Services & Support

We stay awake that you don’t have to! In the digital economy, business runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. takes care of your IT infrastructures and applications and secures reliable and stable operations. Our SLA-based offerings of 24/7 managed services and support guarantee short reaction times, immediate troubleshooting and the crucial basis for your digital value creation.

Managed Kubernetes & Container

Kubernetes and container based cloud environments are among the hottest trends in enterprise IT. K8s and container services give companies the ability to run applications in a multi cloud architecture regardless of the underlying operating system or infrastructure. helps its customers to run and orchestrate K8s and container environments aligned with the overall cloud operation strategy. With our Kubernetes experts, we close the gap to make your business a cloud native and container champion with just one click.

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